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RusTique is an online shop that takes furniture that has been left in the past and is turns it into something unique! We use top of the line products on our furniture so that you have the best looking & best protected furniture for years to come. FUSION mineral paint is used on all our products, except for those special few that call for chalk or milk paint.

FUSION Mineral Paints (FMP) has a built in top coat. It is non-toxic, lead free, phlalate free, virtually odorless & does not contain any volitile organic compounds (VOC) like ammonia and formaldehyde. FMP is waterproof and UV resistant, so yes, it can be used outdoors! It is 100% acrylic, water based with no added latex or vinyl. It comes in 50 different colors and can be custom blended to create a more personal look. In short, this is a very “healthy” paint =)

I am a FUSION mineral paint retailer. With other products to follow soon!

Currently we will only have an online shop, but are hoping to expand into a country store and greenhouse in the future!